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Dr. Ali El Masri

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Our factory in India has all sizes and colors
Our prices are great
The minimum quantity of container is 20 feet
1200 to 1400 meters each

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Shipment Info

A shipment description, or parcel information, is asked in those rare cases that a courier company is trying to locate your parcel because it became unreadable due to a fallen off label or an unreadable label. We will go through the process and tell you what parcel information you have to give. The shipment or order details, on the contrary, is a summary of all the information regarding a parcel that a shipper wants to send to a receiver. It contains information about the pick-up and delivery address and contact person. It is of great importance to us and the courier that we are fully aware of the content of the parcel (it’s weight, dimensions, specific content, …) because it helps us to asses which service would be the safest and cheapest for you. Having a thorough parcel content description will avoid problems during transport, for example when a courier has to pick up a parcel that is much heavier and bigger than mentioned.