Terms & Conditions Page

westores terms & conditions

WeStores.online Contract:

         Subscription fees should be paid before any store activation

         Subscription fees cannot be refunded.

         Membership is set on yearly basis, and it starts from the date of activation

         WeStores platform is set for unlimited products per store.

Account registration:

         Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their own accounts: email,password, posts, Etc.

         Users are fully responsible on uploading products after first month of subscription

         WeStores team must be informed about any changes in customer's account.

         WeStores team have the right to cancel/delete any account or any order that contradicts with the policies and procedures.

         WeStores is not responsible for any loss, or any delay in orders, clients must return to the merchants or to the delivery company.

Products Conditions:

         Legal license for stores a must (If applicable)

         Uploading products on platform is conducted by stores only!

         Uploading products pictures by stores should be in the right categories.

         All descriptions must be fully uploaded: Prices, length, height, weight, etc.

         WeStores is not responsible for any manufacturing goods or other defects in the products (Store's responsibility)

         Invoices are issued to the buyer through WeStores platform.

Pricing & Collecting:

         Pricing is set in LBP& USS.

         Users are free to set the LBP rate (Changeable) Prices through WeStores platform are excluded from shipping price which will be added once the order is generated. Any online payment conducted through WeStores, Payment needs 15 working days to be delivered to store, by deducting 10% from total bill amount.


         Any cash on delivery option made by buyer, Payment to stores will be delivered through 5 working days, without any charges. MI.


         Any order conducted by buyer, can be canceled within 10 hours from purchase order otherwise it will be issued.

         Any wrong delivery made by store, it shall be returned within 10 working days, delivery charges is on the behalf of the issued store.

         WeStores have the right to cancel any order that contradicts our policies.

Extra paid services:

         Professional photographer for products.

         Platform Ads/banners. Uploading products through WeStores customer service.

         Boosting on social media.